Tristram Consultants

Tristram Consultants are managers of technology based projects and can leverage nearly 30 years of experience in the technology sector.

We have experience across many different market areas of differing technologies managed from various standpoints. From the complete Product Development NPI lifecycle, to the last minute crisis where resource needs to be injected promptly and be effective from day one.

Whilst we will not design the product for you, we can effectively manage the design process. Whether that is in house, or outsourced, we can help select and audit suppliers and the supply chain, assist with resource acquisition and advise on data management and protection and hold reviews at all levels.

Rigid Gated waterfall process or modern Agile methodology or a mixed approach. We can manage using what suits best.

Our knowledge extends to process and organisational structure. Because we have worked for huge multinationals and small organisations, we are in a unique position to judge what is a necessary and what is an unnecessary overhead. A light touch where possible and robustness only where required.

Sharing knowledge is at the core of our business and we’d like to think that on completion of an assignment that you, the customer, are in a strong position to take back the reins.












Interim Engineering Director. Interim Engineering Manager. Interim R&D Director. Interim R&D Manager. Interim Project Director. Interim Project Manager. Interim CTO. Interim VP Engineering. Interim Technical Director, Interim Technical Manager.