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Case Study: Vislink

 Vislink plc is a group of companies specialising in secure communication solutions across  global market areas. Recently re-structured to take a more focused stance, Vislink continues to innovate in the Broadcast, Defence and Oil and Gas arenas.

A market leader in the Sat Coms business and one of the originals in providing Flyaway and Flydrive Systems. The company has always prided itself in solutions that combine high level industry leading functionality with a robustness of design and reliability suitable for the many harsh environments that the equipment has to operate in.

 In 2008, a key member of the senior management team left and the organisation set about trying to source a suitable replacement. After several months of interviews the search had drawn a blank. Meanwhile Product Development was not getting the focus it deserved.

 Tristram Consultants having worked for years with Broadcast organisations and on Military voice products had an existing knowledge of how the systems fitted into their respective environments. Our overall experience in managing software and hardware based products across several industries meant we were well versed in many of the issues.

The challenge, as always, was to get up to speed as quickly as possible and get into a position of effective management. The product provided new experiences in the exacting nature of mechanical designs specific to the Sat Comms industry.

RF performance up to Ka Band. Carbon fibre composite construction parabolic dishes had to be constructed to less than 0.3mm across surface variation over 1.8 meters and mechanical parts design to run dry of lubrication but need to exhibit minimal backlash and high rigidity.

 Several products were the focus of attention. Meanwhile a new product, the NewSwift HD, was identified as absolutely crucial for new business and had not been receiving the necessary focus to ensure delivery.

A review of the programme set new dates and expectations across the organisation and the project was managed and delivered in time, under project budget and under cost to service the first of the customers.











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