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Interim Management

Whether it’s dealing with sudden resource loss or jumping into an organisational structure to take on a specific task, we can help. Operating as an Interim, we can provide a heads down attitude to management. Whether operating at board level or “one step down”. We come with no political axes to grind and do not constitute a career threat to the existing team. We can bolster and provide mentoring to the team or momentarily take the reins whilst a well earned break is taken. We have experience of managing teams in different locations including multinational teams.The choice is really yours.

We have performed under the following functional titles: 

  • Engineering Director
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Project and Design Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Head of Design 

 See here for our Value Proposition example.

Here are some more specific areas where we might be able to help:

  • Business Start-up
  • Sudden Departure
  • Project Start-Up
  • Troubled Projects
  • Change Management
  • Final Push
  • Management Augmentation
  • Managing remote teams














 Interim Engineering Director. Interim Engineering Manager. Interim R&D Director. Interim R&D Manager. Interim Project Director. Interim Project Manager. Interim CTO. Interim VP Engineering. Interim Technical Director, Interim Technical Manager