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NPI Capability and Maturity

Tristram Consultants are able to use their experience and knowledge to provide a service to senior management to review the operations involved in the development of new products.

Often organisations are too busy to sit back and take the time to look at how they operate and the systems that they use to develop new products. It’s understandable. You have an established team of good people. Some exceptional and some average. But by and large good people. You rush from one development to another to get products to market and then the team moves on to the next project.

The established in-house process seems to deliver and you know that if asked, the team would defend how they work and what they do. And they probably aren’t far from where they need to be.

But margins are tight. Time to market is critical and in some cases if you miss it, then you might as well not bother. Getting it right is paramount and reducing resolution loops more important than ever.

You might have more underlying concerns that things aren’t right and that the impetus for change isn’t there or maybe just need the reassurance of benchmarking against other organisations.

 What we will not offer is the wholesale imposition of heavyweight process regardless of organisation dynamics. This is pragmatic and fitting. Maybe a plan for changes and the course to be steered and timescale for transition.

We will work with your staff and find out their own ideas and experiences and marry that with our own knowledge.

We can work discreetly alongside you if your own agenda extends more to organisational matters and personnel re-deployment.


Whatever your needs, we would be delighted to discuss them.