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Reducing the resolution loop.

We all deal with problems associated with Projects. It’s what we get paid for. Project Management is the art of managing the future as or before it happens. Occasionally we have to do it retrospectively.

Resolution of problems is a loop function. By definition, something has occurred that is not to spec and needs work to correct. So we go back through the loop of correcting the system inputs or the process to provide the desired outputs.

If we put to one side for a moment the fact that we are striving to reduce problems from the start and accept that they will occur, then we need to make sure the loop in which the problem exists is tight and fast. Or at least as good as so not to effect the project. This involves the timely detection of problems and that the resolution be actioned ideally at the point of detection and by the appropriate people.

The best people being those whose input created the initial problem. This is the way we learn. By correcting our own errors.















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